KiCA Jetfan 2 Review: Small but Powerful Air Duster – Should You Get?

kica jetfan 2 review

KiCA Jetfan 2

Price: SGD $83

KiCA Jetfan 2 to be a sturdy and powerful portable blower, ideal for clearing dust with ease and precision, though its battery life diminishes quickly at high speeds.



  • Sturdy metal design

  • Adjustable speed control

  • Small and portable

  • More power than expected


  • Battery drains fast (max)

  • Medium nozzle favored

  • Tiny nozzle less effective

Where to buy

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My Personal Experience With KiCA Jetfan 2

I’ve been on the lookout for an effective and portable solution to keep my gear clean – something that packs more punch than canned air but isn’t as cumbersome as lugging around an air compressor. That’s when I stumbled upon the KiCA Jetfan 2, a portable blower claiming to be ‘compact yet powerful.’

Let me start by saying this device certainly caught my eye with its sleek, metal build. It doesn’t feel like one of those flimsy plastic gadgets you’re afraid might fall apart after a couple of uses – it’s got a nice weight to it, reassuring me of its quality.

The first trial run was impressive; the KiCA Jetfan 2 has a noticeable force behind it, easily clearing out dust from nooks and crannies without breaking a sweat. The adjustable speed settings were particularly useful when I needed just a gentle puff for delicate items.

kica jetfan 2 side

However, not everything about the KiCA Jetfan 2 had me singing praises. While its size is definitely convenient, there’s a trade-off: using it at max settings drains the battery faster than I would have liked. In fact, during extensive clean-up sessions, I found myself yearning for just a bit more battery life.

Despite this drawback, the ease of use really stood out; switching between nozzles and adjusting the airflow was intuitive enough that I rarely reached for the manual. The medium nozzle became my go-to attachment—offering both precision and power in equal measure.

In terms of mobility, this gadget is worth its weight in gold. On full charge—the estimated run-time is quite generous—it powers through several cleaning sessions without faltering. If you’re often moving around or have space constraints, you’ll appreciate not being tethered to an outlet.

Whether it’s worthy or not comes down to your use case scenario. For those who need portability combined with reliable performance (and can overlook subpar battery life at high speeds), then yes—it pulls its weight marvelously.

kica jetfan 2 front

Power and Performance

One of my initial concerns was whether such a small blower could deliver substantial air power. To my surprise, the KiCA Jetfan 2 surpassed all expectations. The all-metal construction combined with well-positioned buttons made for comfortable handling and effortless operation.

Compared to previous blowers that boasted inflated RPM numbers, this one outperformed them effortlessly. The claims made by other companies seemed dubious in comparison. The adjustable speed settings allowed me to dial in the desired airflow intensity for various tasks.

kica jetfan 2 back

Battery Life and Portability

The battery life on the KiCA Jetfan 2 proved to be exceptional. On a full charge, on my testing it provided up to 2 hours of continuous operation before needing recharging—an impressive feat considering its compact size. This extended battery life ensures uninterrupted usage during extended cleaning sessions or race weekends without worrying about running out of power.

The small form factor of the Jetfan 2 makes it highly portable—perfect for carrying in your bag while traveling or racing away from home. Its sleek design enhances its aesthetic appeal as well.


In addition to blowing away loose dirt from RC cars, I discovered multiple uses for the KiCA Jetfan 2 beyond my original intention:

  1. Household Cleaning: From dusting collectibles to tidying up hard-to-reach areas in my house, this blower proved reliable.
  2. Personal Cooling: Surprisingly, my wife found this blower more effective than her paper fan when she needed quick relief from heat.
  3. Precision Work: While the tiny nozzle fell short in terms of effectiveness, it excelled at precision tasks like delicately removing dust from delicate surfaces.


While overall satisfaction with the KiCA Jetfan 2 is high, there are a few minor limitations worth noting:

  1. Battery Life on Max Setting: Using the blower on maximum power setting may drain the battery faster than expected; however, adjusting the speed appropriately can mitigate this issue.
  2. Loudness: The blower emits considerable noise during operation due to its powerful airflow capabilities—something potential buyers should consider if noise sensitivity is a concern.
  3. Wet Dirt Removal: Although effective at blasting away dry dirt and debris, wet dirt may require alternative cleaning methods as the Jetfan 2’s performance is optimized for dry materials.


As an RC car enthusiast seeking a reliable cordless blower, I can confidently recommend the KiCA Jetfan 2 based on my personal experience:

  • It surpasses plastic counterparts in terms of build quality and air power.
  • Its excellent battery life ensures prolonged usage without interruptions.
  • The compact size allows easy portability while maintaining high performance levels.
  • Its versatility extends beyond RC car maintenance to household cleaning tasks.
  • Minor limitations aside, this blower offers tremendous value for money.

Whether you’re an RC hobbyist searching for an efficient cleaning solution or someone who desires portable functionality in their everyday life, investing in the KiCA Jetfan 2 will not disappoint you!


ModelJetfan 2
TypeWireless mini blower fan
ColorsAvailable in multiple colors, may vary by region
MaterialsAluminum alloy body, ABS plastic

Functional Features

Rotation speedHighest speed: 101,000 RPM
Lowest speed: 22,500 RPM
Wind speedUp to 20 m/s
NozzlesIncluded: Pointed nozzle and round nozzle
BatteryType: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 3010mAh
Runtime: Up to 3.5 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Charging port: USB-C

Dimensions and Weight

DimensionsSmaller than an iPhone 11 (74 x 37.4 x 128.8 mm)
WeightAbout 301g / 0.66lb


1. What is the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan Multipurpose Fan used for?

The KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan Multipurpose Fan is primarily used for cooling down. It can also be used for cleaning computers and keyboards.

2. How is the battery life of the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan?

The battery life of the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan is excellent. It can be used for hours of “cooling fan” usage even after cleaning multiple computers and keyboards.

3. What charging method does the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan use?

The KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan charges using a USB-C cable, making it convenient and compatible with various devices.

4. Is the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan suitable for blowing dust out of computers?

While the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan has decent blowing power, it may not be as strong as some other air blowers specifically designed for computer cleaning. It is more suitable for general cooling purposes.

5. What are the advantages of the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan?

The KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan is well-built, solid, and easy to hold. It offers a portable solution for cooling down and has a rechargeable battery with good battery life.

6. Is the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan loud?

No, the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan is not loud. It operates quietly, making it suitable for various environments.

7. Can the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan be used for drying pets?

Yes, the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan can be used to dry pets. However, it may take some time for pets to get used to the airflow.

8. Is the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan worth the price?

Yes, the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan is considered a high-quality product. It offers good value for its price, especially for those who prioritize portability and convenience.

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