JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan Review: Must-Have Gadgets for Summer: Is It Worth?

JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan Front view

JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan

Price: SGD $106

JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan, I was impressed with its solid construction and powerful airflow that provided relief during outdoor activities, although its noise level at higher speeds and less-than-ideal ergonomics for extended use were slight drawbacks.



  • Impressive Airflow

  • Robust Build Quality

  • Long Battery Life

  • Adjustable Speeds


  • Moderately Noisy

  • Slight High-Pitch

  • Mildly Heavy

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My Personal Experience With JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan

Having used the JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan, I feel compelled to share my experiences. Right out of the box, the fan feels premium in construction, with a solid black finish that gives off an impression of quality. Initially, I was skeptical about whether this compact device could deliver on its promise of powerful airflow, but after a quick charge – which was surprisingly rapid – I gave it a try.

JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan Front view

The performance is undeniable; there’s no question that when it comes to cooling power, this handheld device packs a punch. On scorching days working in the backyard or during outdoor events, it has been a lifesaver. The adjustable speeds are very useful – you can dial in from a gentle breeze up to what seems like gale-force winds.

Using it indoors presented some challenges though. At lower speeds, it’s pleasant and doesn’t intrude on conversations or concentration. However, once amped up past halfway, the conversation gets tricky against its backdrop of whirring wind noises. There is also a subtle yet persistent high-pitched sound emitted that can be grating over time.

In terms of battery life, it’s exceptional; far outstripping what you’d expect from such a potent little gadget and easily rivaling dedicated high-capacity power banks. However, handling comfort could be better – while not overly hefty, long periods of use make you wish for an even more ergonomic design.

JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan Side

By using different accessories like bases and straps provided adds versatility but simultaneously indicates an acceptance by makers that holding this fan isn’t always practical.

My neutrally honest recommendation hinges upon your tolerance for noise – if you need quiet cooling, consider looking elsewhere. But if your environment allows for louder operations and portability trumps all else then surely consider this petite powerhouse.

Beat the Heat, Anywhere and Anytime

As someone who enjoys outdoor activities like nature walks and playing with RC cars, having a reliable way to cool down is essential. The JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan proved to be an absolute godsend for me and my family during our outdoor adventures. With its powerful airflow, even at the lowest setting, it provided a refreshing breeze that helped beat the heat effectively.

Infinite Control at Your Fingertips

What sets this handheld fan apart from others on the market is its ability to offer precise control over airflow. With 100 adjustable speed settings, ranging from gentle breezes to powerful gusts of wind, you can easily customize your cooling experience. Additionally, this fan boasts a battery life that surprised me. I only needed to charge it once upon receiving it, and it lasted us several days of continuous use.

JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan Review

A Multi-Purpose Gadget

The versatility of the JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan impressed me as well. Apart from providing much-needed relief during hot weather, this fan can also be used for various purposes. It comes with two directional airflow attachments which can be handy for cleaning dust from keyboards or reaching tight spaces.

Silent Powerhouse or Jet Engine?

While the performance of this handheld fan left me more than satisfied, there were a few aspects worth mentioning. At higher speeds, when unleashing its full power, it does become slightly noisy but not overwhelmingly so. However, even on lower settings where noise is minimal, there is still a faint whirring sound present.

Final Verdict: A Must-Have Summer Companion

In conclusion, if you are searching for a portable cooling solution that combines power with convenience and durability, the JISULIFE Ultra 1 Handheld Fan is an excellent choice. Its superb build quality ensures long-lasting usage while providing a strong airflow that will keep you cool even on sweltering summer days.


ColorDark Grey, Light Brown
Battery Capacity9000mAh
Cell TypeLi-ion Battery
Weight11.11 Ounces
Charging Time2.5h (18W fast charging input)
Operating Time1-6h (depending on different gears/usescenarios)
Product Size5.31″D x 2.95″W x 1.49″H
Speed Settings100 Adjustable
Noise Level50dB
Multifunctionality3 accessories for various usage scenarios
Additional FeaturesBuilt-in LED light
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