Devialet Mania Review: Experience Deep Bass and Crystal Clear Sound

Devialet Mania Review

Devialet Mania

Price: SGD $1255

The Deviate Manai Portable Speaker delivers powerful bass response paired with clear instrumentation for an immersive audio experience.



  • Incredible bass response

  • Visually stunning design

  • Full sound at low volumes

  • Compact yet powerful

  • Premium build quality


  • Requires careful placement

  • Pricey investment

  • Midrange can disappoint

  • Airplay setup fiddly

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My Personal Experience With Devialet Mania

I’ve had my hands on the Devialet Mania speaker and I must say, it’s quite a sight to behold. Astoundingly, even in my cozy 10×13 room, the bass response is something that genuinely took me by surprise. Imagine feeling the depth of orchestral pieces or the distinct beats of electronic music; this speaker managed that with ease.

Certainly, proper placement is not just advice; it’s a necessity for this device – right by a wall or corner gives you a soundscape that belies its size. At 50-60% volume, which seems like the sweet spot, every single note was audible without any distortion marring the experience.

However, donning my critical hat for a moment, while the furnished bass is impressive—thanks to DSP magic and acoustical trickery—there were moments I caught myself craving more from the midrange. This wasn’t often but particularly when comparing with other speakers like my old Xtreme 3, which had more balanced sound output.

Devialet Mania Side View

Using this speaker at lower volumes was another pleasant surprise—the quality doesn’t dip; if anything, its active calibration shines here by maintaining full bandwidth audio.

As for Airplay integration — it has its quirks. Setup takes patience, especially considering it’s not as plug-and-play as other devices I’ve used before.

On aesthetics and build quality – Devialet Mania feels premium in hand with an undeniable allure. It embodies elegance and high-end sophistication that garners second glances whenever anyone enters my space.

The price tag would make anyone pause though—it made me contemplate whether aesthetics and booming bass were worth shelling out for when the sound does have its shortcomings.

Design and Build Quality

The Devialet Mania speaker boasts a sleek and modern design with clean lines and a compact form factor. It is available in both Light Grey and Deep Black colors. The speaker feels solidly built and exudes a sense of premium craftsmanship.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound, the Devialet Mania delivers an exceptional listening experience. The placement of the speaker is crucial to achieve optimal bass response; it truly breaks the rules of physics. With two 3″ active woofers and advanced DSP technology, the Mania produces incredible bass that extends into the low 20s Hz range.

Whether you’re listening to Skrillex, Diana Krall, or orchestral music, you’ll be treated to thrilling performances. Even at lower volumes, the speaker maintains full bandwidth without sacrificing clarity or instrument separation. Thanks to its active calibration feature, you can easily adjust the bass levels according to your preference.


Overall, I must admit that my personal experience with the Devialet Mania was nothing short of impressive. Its powerful bass response combined with clear instrumentation provided me an immersive audio experience like no other portable speaker I have encountered before. While some users have expressed dissatisfaction regarding certain aspects such as midrange presence or Airplay startup time, these factors may vary depending on individual preferences and usage scenarios.


ColorLight Grey
Drivers4 Aluminium full-range + 2 woofers
Processor4 x ARM Cortex-A53 1.4Ghz
Sound Signal AdaptationYes
Maximum Sound Level95 dB SPL at 1 meter
Frequency Response30Hz – 20kHz
Total Amplification Power2x38W Class-D for Woofers, 4x25W Class-D for Full-Range Speakers
Battery Capacity3200mAh
Battery LifeUp to 9 hours (depending on usage)
Charging Time3 hours
ConnectivityAirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth® (A2DP and AVRCP profiles, AAC, SBC audio codecs)
MultiroomYes, with AirPlay 2
Dimensions176 mm x 193 mm x 139 mm
Weight2.3 kg
Additional FeaturesStereo no matter your position around the product, portable design, water-resistant (IPX5), wireless charging (Qi-compatible)
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